Eric Camino, John Butts and team get published in PLoS Genetics!!

The Evolutionary Origination and Diversification of a Dimorphic Gene Regulatory Network through Parallel Innovations in cis andtrans

Author Summary

The genomic content of regulatory genes such as transcription factors is surprisingly conserved between diverse animal species, raising the paradox of how new traits emerge, and are subsequently modified and lost. In this study we make a connection between the developmental basis for the formation of a fruit fly trait and the evolutionary basis for that trait’s origin, diversification, and loss. We show how the origin of a novel pigmentation trait is associated with the evolution of two regulatory sequences that control the co-expression of two key pigmentation genes. These sequences interact in unique ways with evolutionarily conserved Hox transcription factors to drive gene co-expression. Once these unique connections evolved, the alteration of this trait appears to have proceeded through changes to regulatory genes rather than regulatory sequences of the pigmentation genes. Thus, our findings support a scenario where regulatory sequence evolution provided new functions to old transcription factors, how co-expression can emerge from different utilizations of the same transcription factors, and that trait diversity was surprisingly shaped by changes in some manner to the deeply conserved regulatory genes.”

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Tom Williams to speak at Pub Science 9/09/14

Tom Williams will tell the the Pub Science community about “Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Molecular Insights About the Making and Evolution of Fruit Fly Sexually Dimorphic Traits” on Tuesday September 9th. The presentation will begin at 7 PM and will take place at Blind Bob’s, which is located in Dayton’s Oregon District.

Pub Science

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2014 Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference at UD (March 1st and 2nd, 2014)

MEEC_Color (2)













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Hello world!

This is the official web home for the research group of Thomas M. Williams that was founded July 1st 2009 in the Biology Department at the University of Dayton.

This website is our attempt to make our interests and findings transparent for all.

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