Joining the lab

Candidate Undergraduate Students

We encourage undergraduate students excited about research to apply for a position in our lab. We anticipate adding two new students each year. The expectation is for ~10 hours of volunteer work per week during the academic semesters.

The goal is for undergraduate lab membership to be long term (> a year) with students completing a project for presentation at a Stander Symposium. Students will be expected to take research for credit (BIO 421, counts for a Biology lab credit) or complete an honors thesis.

Sophomore honors students will be encouraged to work with Dr. Williams to apply for admission into the Berry Summer Thesis Institute, which supports intensive disciplinary research. (

Junior honors students will be expected to apply for an Honors Thesis Research Proposal (

Research in the summer is encouraged and will be supported through salary and housing (depending on resources).

Candidate Graduate Students and Postdocs

Contact Dr. Williams about the availability of positions and express why you might want to join this lab.

Dr. Thomas M. Williams

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology


Phone: (937) 229-2198

University of Dayton Biology Department Website

University of Dayton Graduate School Website


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