Williams’ Lab Recipes

Annealing Oligos Protocol

Bacterial Transformation Protocol

Biotin 3′ End DNA Labeling Kit

Chemiluminescent Nucleic Acid Detection Module (Thermo Scientific, 89880)

Claxton et al., Laser scanning confocal microscopy

Thermo Scientific Miniprep Protocol

PCR “Synthesis by Overlap Extension (SOEing) Protocol

Poster Printing at Keck Environment Lab

Preparation of Z-competent cells

Purifying DNA fragments following restriction enzyme digests or PCR

Purifying Large DNA Fragments following Electrophoresis

Purification of total DNA from insects using the DNeasy® Blood & Tissue Kit

Purifying Small DNA Fragments following Electrophoresis


Drosophila Sugar Food recipe

JTH gDNA Protocol (06.25.2018)

Salt-Out gDNA protocol

UVP Gel Doc Protocol


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