(2023, University of Dayton Magazine) How traits evolve

(2022, College Newsroom) National Science Foundation awards $1M to UD biologist to study how traits evolve

(2022, Dayton Business Journal) National Science Foundation awards $1M to local university biologist to study how traits evolve

(2017, College Newsroom) University of Dayton first-year doctoral student Jesse Hughes receives a 2017 National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship.

(2016, Dayton Business Journal) Local biologist lands $839K National Science Foundation grant

(2016, College Newsroom) Cracking Diversity’s Code

(2013, University of Dayton News) _ Mutations that Matter

(2012, P4 Medicine at Ohio State) University of Dayton Using NSF Funds for Gene Network Study

(2012, Dayton Business Journal) UD professor gets $450K grant for genetics research

(2012, University of Dayton News) Social Networks in Our DNA

(2011, Dayton Business Journal) American heart Association donates $132K to UD

(2011, University of Dayton News) Decoding Genetic Switches

(2010, University of Dayton News) The Origin of Spots

(2010, UW-Madison News) Controls for animals’ color designs revealed

(2008, The Capital Times) New UW research reveals how male sex traits evolved

(2008, Nature) A sex-specific switch

(2008, UW-Madison News) Manes, trains and antlers explained

(2007, New York Times) “The Science of Evolution” – between 2:08 and 2:16 the world is put on notice about transcription factor binding site spacing!


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