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DrosoPhyla: Resources for Drosophilid Phylogeny and Systematics 

Cédric Finet, Victoria A Kassner, Antonio B Carvalho, Henry Chung, Jonathan P Day, Stephanie Day, Emily K Delaney, Francine C De Ré, Héloïse D Dufour, Eduardo Dupim, Hiroyuki F Izumitani, Thaísa B Gautério, Jessa Justen, Toru Katoh, Artyom Kopp, Shigeyuki Koshikawa, Ben Longdon, Elgion L Loreto, Maria D S Nunes, Komal K B Raja, Mark Rebeiz, Michael G Ritchie, Gayane Saakyan, Tanya Sneddon, Machiko … Continue reading

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Widespread cis– and trans-regulatory evolution underlies the origin, diversification, and loss of a sexually dimorphic fruit fly pigmentation trait

Jesse T. Hughes, Melissa E. Williams, Mark Rebeiz, Thomas M. Williams Abstract Changes in gene expression are a prominent feature of morphological evolution. These changes occur to hierarchical gene regulatory networks (GRNs) of transcription factor genes that regulate the … Continue reading

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